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Mac Gyver Season 4

I was in charge of the re-design of the main title sequence for Mac Gyver Season 4. In order to bring this sequence to the next level. We had to re-think the sequence from scratch. We decided to create a sequence in one long shot generated in 3D. The idea is to bring the viewer into Mac Gyver's unique creative process. It's a journey into Mac Gyver's mind.

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The Mysterious Pearl

Guests are transported into a state of the art 4D animation that, along with surprising sensory elements, propels them into the ultimate 'Mermaid ride' experience. The experience becomes even more immersive with the creation of a uniquely designed ride, each equipped with seven different special effects that repeat numerous times in tandem with the 3D animation, including vertical drops and horizontal motions!

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Macau Light Festival 2019 TVC

Themed as explore the light this year, Macao tourism mascot mak mak will join local and visiting spectators to explore four glittery routes and Macao’s evolving cityscape over the last two decades through different angles in the art of light. The adventure will be reminiscent of stories and memories belonging to the people of Macao, and evoke the joy brought by celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao sar.

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Zenfone 4 Max

This 3D CG animation product video was design for ASUS Zenfone 4 Max launch campaign in 2017. Zenfone 4 Max is a smartphone with high-capacity batteries which is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Joining elements of ball games and court lines, this short film reveals the air of racing and playing at a bright and bubbly pace. It embodies the spirit of energetic participation.

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Simplest Happiness

The Chinese zodiac in that year is the pig, so Yen C designed the sliced pig, and it's a pun in "many hot movies" in Chinese. The characters are very happy, just in line with the channel's image has always wanted to give the audience the feeling. And combine four movies elements into the video. Children who are playing can best show pure happiness, and hope that the audience will have the same feeling when watching the movie.

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From collages to emoji stuffed pipes, "Preludes" combines modern issues with those from T.S. Eliot's 1911 poem of the same name. Starting off in the disoriented and unfamiliar the one-minute piece returns the viewer to a more grounded, recognizable and reassuring place. Recalling Elliot’s own words the animation coaxes readers to “Wipe their hand across their mouth and laugh” at the way life moves forward in its ancient ways despite the changes the physical environment goes through. Guided by its soundtrack "Preludes" is a peek into modern living.

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