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Promising Ideas

Hao Li and Mengchao Wu created this animation for Unicef to explain how they've helped young people in remote areas connect to the internet, especially girls. First, the animation compares the difference in the number of boys and girls who have access to the internet in lagging regions, and the problems the inequality has brought to girls in those places. Throughout the film, Hao and Mengchao show how Unicef helped these girls access the internet and what has changed since accessing the internet.

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Grundig Heinzelmann 75th Years Edition

Grundig Intermedia GmbH’s roots lie in the traditional German company, Grundig, which was founded in 1945 and achieved world fame with its radios and televisions. After the Second World War Germany was in ruins and so were most radios but new production was tightly controlled by the allies. Radio dealer Max Grundig saw an opportunity and built the ‘Heinzelmann’, a Grundig radio without tubes that was not officially a radio. And this was the same legendary design that was brought to life today.

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This project was made to visualize in an easy-to-understand what sustainability is and why it is important. Sustainability supports that mission by striving to improve the environmental health and quality of life for the campus and community. Sustainability is important for many reasons including Environmental Quality. In order to have healthy communities, clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment are needed.

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I made this video to present a new start up- the device for children studying at schools. The goal is to show how useful it can be, and model few live examples covering it's main features. BioStu is a helper for children studying earth sciences. It allows children to see plants growing, insects, nature processes like water tornado and biosynthesis, and much more. Children can make videos and time-lapse, remotely control the light intensy, check the parameters like temperature, humidity etc. BioStu is a device which helps children to learn and to get joy of this process.

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Moose Piss

The project was elaborated to promote Moose Piss beer, created through the collaboration of Hermoso Compadre and Nordic brewery. The purpose of the animation was to tell a playful story of how the beer was supposedly created. A modern style of illustration was used, with strong colors that emphasize the humorous purpose of the work. It was done using the traditional frame-by-frame technique, to give more life and personality to the characters.

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RingCentral - Message, Video, Phone.

RingCentral is the #1 business communications platform, bringing everyone and everything together to get work done. NotReal developed an overview video to showcase everything this powerful app can do, so viewers can get a glimpse of how broad and complete this product really is. There's the coexistence of three worlds: Real, the user point showed through realistic work situations. Digital, conformed by deconstructed UIs that highlight specific features of the app. And Abstract, to describe general functionality. Throughout the video, there's a team creating a product through the app.

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