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Vacant Rooms

This short movie tells the story of a eleven years old girl called Zosia, who's mother is workoholic is sending her to visit her aunt in a small village. Everything seems normal except the fact that her aunt's mansion is known to be haunted and her aunt doesn't like her. Will Zosia solve the mystery of the haunted house, and her aunt? The main inspiration, which was selected by director, was Guillermo dell Toro, Pan's Labirynth.

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Capture the Moment

"Capture The Moment" is a story about the importance of timing and moments in taking a picture. One of the reasons a photographer can create a masterpiece is by doing tons of effort in waiting for the right time and moment when capturing an image. To visualize that concept, the artist portrays individual shapes randomly moving, creating one perfect moment. Firstly, the artist used Adobe Illustrator to create all the elements. Secondly, all the elements are animated in Adobe Photoshop. Lastly, the final touch was to assemble the animation in Adobe After Effect.

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By Polar

Designer creates this animation for the 2020 Winter. The story is inspired by a new report in 2019. A hungry and exhausted young polar bear was spotted wandering in the suburbs of the Siberian industrial city of Norilsk this week, hundreds of miles from its usual habitat. By creating this short animation, designer wishes to give a warm remind to the world that there are always something, some creatures, being neglected, no matter during good or harsh time. He focused on the ambience and the mood of the scene. He wants to try letting the music be the story dialogues. The whole atmosphere created be the characters.

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Eggshell Montage

For each of these pieces in this video montage, designer focused on the ambience of the scenes. He wished to create a sense of "flowing", like "running water" in the river, by looping the movement of the objects in a fluent way and built an atmosphere which the audience could immerse their emotions in. For most of the pieces, designer made the shot very wide. Most of the objects were very small and far. Designer wished the audience could have the feeling that they were standing right inside the scene when they were watching it.

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Vitra RimEx Wall Hung Series

The ceramic workshop founded by Dr. Nejat F. Eczacibasi in Istanbul, in 1942.With the ceramic tiles factory in the 90s, Bozuyuk rapidly became Vitra main production campus. The rimex WC pan that beats all formulas for easy cleaning. The rimex wc pan prevents proliferation thanks to its innovative design. Rimex is easy to clean and offers maximum hygiene.

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One More Time

The film, One More Time, is a letter of encouragement from the Superhero Me community, created during the early period of COVID 19 quarantine. It is also a period where the sense of a human touch is very much needed as everything had to go contactless and digital. To align with this personal and sincere nature of the content, a handmade approach that embraces human imperfection was utilized to create an intimate appeal with an added sense of warmth and familiarity to connect with the viewers. Bright and saturated colors filled the visuals more than dark colors to emphasize the theme of hope.

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