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SLV Group Promo

An original way of presenting a company that is a manufacturer of building scaffolding. The animation describes each stage of construction, from casting metal pipes, through galvanizing and welding, to obtaining the final structure, which is the company's logo in the animation. The motto of the company and this campaign is Impossible constructions do not exist.

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Astri Health Tech Promotional Video

Astri Health Tech is a breakthrough technology for early cancer diagnosis which saves lives and help patients get more timely treatment. Astri’s Cervical Cancer Screening Management System has won industry recognition and award for its innovative solutions to meet business and social needs. But both client and we realize the awareness by potential business partners is more crucial to maximize the use of this tech. Video is one of the most effective communication media. We herewith created a 2D animated explainer to walk the stakeholder through.

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Future of Banking

Ms. Wu created this video for Julius Baer to explain the working method of their new digital product for their potential investor. From concepting, storyboard, style frames design to animation, she figured out how to visualize the difference between heavy workflow, digitalization and new era. She added visual metaphors to increase uniqueness. Creative thinking and techniques were utilized to create a video with a clear story narrative and visual attractions. This video showed the beautiful future the new digital product will bring.

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The Flora sofa is inspired by blooming flowers. The cushions on the backrest and armrests can be adjusted to suit the height of each individual and makes the experience more comfortable and pleasant for the person sitting on the sofa. Flora adapts to diverse scenarios, making it ideal for urban apartments and small public spaces. The cover can be made of fabric, eco-friendly leather, or Italian cowhide. All these quality materials can be used for the best sofa experience.

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Chick Coin

Chick Coin is a humorous and amusing visual work. It starts with the metaphors of students’ financial problem shown on TV screen, and the magic coin slot twist makes everything change. That implies students could solve their problems through Chickpt platform and all the financial pressure students facing will be overcome. The real world will change into a wonderful utopia as well. While working on this project, they put a lot of effort and spent a lot of time on how to use the visual metaphor while making the film looks smoothly.

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The designer sought inspiration from the nature element and colors, bringing a fresh and light aspect to the animation. His main concern was always the quick and objective reading of the information and always focused on the sensory. The elements he have chosen always work according to purpose, without being banal. The choice of colors and shapes strengthens the sense of concept, bringing the air of lightness and softness needed. His main concern was always the quick and objective reading of the information and always focused on the sensory.

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